You know, the action figure of the dude in the ice cube

1991 was an awesome year for me and my love of the X-Men. I was ten years old, secretly sent an envelope full of cash to Marvel in the hopes of subscribing to comics, only to get paranoid because it was eight weeks into my “wait six to eight weeks for fulfillment” period.

When those issues of Uncanny X-Men started coming in I thought I was the most awesome kid on the block. Actually, I was. I wound up really digging the story line of Bishop and Trevor Fitzroy, and all the time traveling hysteria they were causing in the X-books.

By 1994, I was still hooked on X-Men things and HAD to have the Fitzroy figure. He would be the deciding factor in the never-ending war between my super hero toys and my younger brothers. But when I opened him and showed him off, my brother paused and looked very concerned. He then said something that haunts me to this day.

“Why would you buy a bad guy who’s power is that he’s stuck in ice?”

I casually explained that oh, well he has all these cool powers and can make a crystal armor. Color my brother unimpressed. To this day, he still thinks that my Fitzroy action figure is a joke, and I tend to agree with him. The top part looks like he’s stuck in an ice cube. The leg armor pieces never stayed on (the picture here is from an eBay auction…they can’t even get them to stick!)

Fitzroy ultimately made it to the bottom of the toy box, and then ultimately to my grandmother’s house. His current whereabouts are unknown; I haven’t seen since him the Clinton administration.

You can be cool and get your own Fitzroy here.

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