Awesome Splash Pages: Fantastic Four #51

When I do my workshops on comic books, this is my go-to example on what a splash page is and why they work in comics. Kirby and Sinnot do such a great job of conveying emotion in this piece, so much that it sets the tone for the rest of the issue even if the viewer never ever reads it.

Thing’s face is so depressed and dejected, with his brow and mouth drooped in sorrow. Even the way the rest of his body is, shoulders and arms shrugged just make him look so sad. The minimal background really helps (somewhere Vince Colletta smiles). The even linework on the falling rain creates a sense of motion that the whole world is moving and not thing.

I find this page so impactful because it tells a whole story. Even the large text bubble “THIS MAN! THIS MONSTER!” drives the desperation home. Just seeing this picture makes you want to hug Ben Grimm.

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