Green Lantern: Before

So in approximately eight hours, I’ll be heading out to the movie theater to check out the Green Lantern film at its midnight showing, mostly because this is the most convenient time in my schedule.

I wanted to get my thoughts out before I saw the film, kind of predicting how I think it will come across. Following the film, expect a second post, reviewing it and seeing if my expecations were met.

How do I feel about this film? To be honest, I’m a little skeptical.

It’s not in the fanboy or comics geek way, complaining about some reinterpretation of the characters, a costume change or that the writers will never do justice to the source material. There are three things that trouble me.

Here they are in convenient list form:

  1. Ryan Reynolds is no Hal Jordan. For full disclosure, I like Reynolds’ comedy films a lot. He was awesome in Smoking Aces. Reynolds best roles are the ones where he can be a wise cracking smart-ass. Hal starts out self-absorbed, but has to accept his new responsibility. I’m worried the character is going to be constantly cracking jokes ala Spider-Man, which would have been a much better role for Reynolds.
  2. Too many special effects! I understand that 99% of the members of the Green Lantern corps are aliens, and shouldn’t resemble humans. With them all being computer generated, along with all the lighting effects to make the rings and their energy trails, the backgrounds, and even Reynolds’ super suit (to borrow a great term from The Incredibles) seems like overkill. When that much of your movie is done on the computer, why didn’t you just make it completely animated? It’s a problem I had with the recent Star Wars films; I wound up being completely detached from the digital characters and disconnected from the story. I wonder if this heavy reliance on effects its going to detract from this film.
  3. Worst villains ever. They’re launching a trilogy with Hector Hammond as the lead villain. WHY? If this is to be an action movie which should have super-cool visuals, then why did they choose a super-smart, telekinetic with limited mobility to be the main antagonist. Hammond is like MODOK, except not at all cool. That’s the best they could come up with? REALLY? I understand not using Sinestro at this point. They want this to be a series of films, and to make his villainous turn mean something they have to build to him leaving the corps. That I’m perfectly cool with. Why didn’t they just introduce the Red Lanterns and have a feud with them? Anything but that. And while we’re talking about it, I was really annoyed by Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern: Rebirth, where they undid the whole Parallax story where Hal going nuts and becoming extremely bitter, by having him taken over by a big yellow energy bug. Thanks to a spoiler called the Green Lantern toy line, we know that the big yellow cockroach is in the film. LAME!

Gripes aside, I am looking forward to the film as a technical accomplishment, and I’m sure it will be excellent and well worth seeing it in 3D.

P.S.  The Muppets parody above is very well-played. Great job, Muppet Studios!

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