Green Lantern: The Beverage

Lipton Brisk: Mango-Dragon Fruit Green Tea with Green Lantern Label

One of my favorite lunchbreak activities is walking to 7-11 to get one of their 99¢ Lipton iced teas. I usually stick to the raspberry or regular, but after seeing Green Lantern roughly sixteen hours ago I went with this.

Mango-Dragon Fruit green tea sounds like its something out of a comic book. The bottle is green and bright, wrapped in a cool Green Lantern label. But the drink, well, it tastes like something out of a comic book.

This taste…I cannot describe it. It’s kinda fruity, kinda sugary, kinda chemically. After drinking the whole thing, I still have no idea what I can compare it to.

Pretty bottle aside, I don’t think I will be getting this again.

Green Lantern bottle labelThe label is pretty cool, featuring all the primary Green Lanterns in the film. Although one wonders why Tomar-Re is wearing a tube top. The art is by Kenneth Rocafort, whose cover art on Madame Mirage I admired. He’s also doing the new Red Hood & the Outlaw series that debuts this fall.

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