8 thoughts on “Shameless Plug!

  1. Hi … I read your article about the yard sale. A friend and co-worker at the Akron Beacon Journal, Mark Price, is an avid KISS fan … he is a copy editor and also does a great column for the paper that appears on Mondays. What kind of KISS stuff do you have and how much do you want for it? Thanks. Olga

  2. Let me tell one thing about garage sales must put everything out on a table so that people can see all that you have, I did the same thing 8 years ago, I have a garage sale once a monthand I make about $200 to $300 everytime because I put everything out for people to see and I talk to the people to get a feel of what they want and then I tell them I can get for them the next month. Good luck on your next sale and put everthing out on tables.

  3. Chris,

    Loved the article about the yard sale. I have been there myself, most recently a few weeks ago. I’m married now, so I leave the selling and haggling to my wife, who for no understandable reason actually enjoys it. I am curious to know how many hardcore KISS fans responded with offers to buy your box of memorabilia. I have one of those in my basement as well. I’m not sure why I keep it, I find the sheer greed of Gene and Paul to be so off-putting that I can no longer stand to see or hear anything about them. Every so often, I will pull it out and sort through the concert tickets, action figures, stickers and KISS cards and the joy will creep in. I remember rushing to the drug store when the new Circus and Creem magazines hit the stands so I could read every word a few hundred times before cannibalizing it for every photo regardless of size to add to my school books, locker and bedroom walls. I remember the butterflies that I would get in the pit of my stomach waiting for the network premier of ‘KISS meets the Phantom of the Park’. Not to mention the various other talk show and cameos that they would make. I must admit that my first knee jerk reaction was to immediately contact you to see if there was any way that I could buy it from you, but then upon a little reflection realized that I would then have TWO boxes of KISS stuff to get rid of. Someday…

    Thanks again for the read!

    Brad Richards

    • Brad it sounds like you have an awesome colelction of KISS stuff. I was just selling some mugs, glasses, puzzles and a couple action figures that were just sitting around. “Phantom of the Park” was awesome! Glad you enjoyed the article!

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