30 Things I Like About Comics–#26 Tiny Titans

Tiny Titans made its debut in 2008, and it soon became one of my favorite comic books of all time. The series goes beyond being a children’s book–its flat out hysterical.

Cartoonists Art Baltazar and  Franco (Aureliani…it seems he doesn’t like using his last name) have re-envisioned the entire DCU, well mostly the Teen Titans characters, as kids attending an elementary school together. The lead villain is Deathstroke the Terminator, who has been turned into an over-bearing principal. Appearances from other characters include Darkseid, Blue Beetle and even some of the various multi-colored lanterns.

Art and Franco have come up with a winning formula. The writing is silly, making the book completely kid friendly. But the writing doesn’t pander to children, making the book enjoyable for adults as well.

Best of all is the art. It is extremely stylized and unique, but completely expressive. Many of the stories are short, only a few pages. It reminds me more of a collection of cartoon strips then the prototypical comic.

And did I mention that their art is completely cute and silly?

If you enjoy Tiny Titans as much as I do, make sure you check out Art and Franco’s other creator-owned. project Patrick the Wolf Boy. You don’t need a description; the title is exactly what you get. The book is written and drawn in the same style as Tiny Titans. They also work on DC’s all ages Captain Marvel and Young Justice books.

Make sure you check out Art and Franco’s websites. There you can find artwork, interviews and other fun stuff.

As the Tiny Titans put it, “AWE YEAH!”

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