30 Things I Like About Comics—#17 Toon Tumblers

Toon Tumblers at the Baltimore Comic Con (courtesy Toon Tumblers on Facebook)

If you wish you had a set of super hero pint glasses, much like the ones that 7-11 gave away as promotional items back in the 1970s, you are in luck. You need to start collecting Toon Tumblers.

Hey? Remember the 1970s? They're back...in barware form! (courtesy Toon Tumblers on Facebook)

These glasses are a heavy weight pint glass, just like the ones you would find at your friendly neighborhood bar. The glasses are either frosted or clear, and feature your favorite super heroes! Most of the art on the glasses is vintage, but occasionally they will have a more modern depiction. Recently they’ve made glasses featuring all of the Lantern Corps, as well as the soon to be relaunched Justice League.

Many comic book stores regularly carry Toon Tumblers, but I have found that for the best selection, visit their booth at most of the larger comic book shows. I love picking these up for myself and my friends, and I’ve spent many a day at the Baltimore Comic Con running through the Inner Harbor with a hand full of pint glasses.

If that sounds to dangerous, just go to their website and you can order them to be sent straight to your house.

For more information about upcoming Toon Tumblers and to see all the great pint glasses you should be getting, visit them at their website or search for Toon Tumblers on Facebook.

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