What is Project Defense?

Project Defense LogoWhat is Project Defense? Glad you asked

Remember last year when the NHL had the Guardian Project, where Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment came up with super hero concepts based on hockey teams? I always thought that was a fun idea, and some of the characters that came out of it were

The NBA had a similar marketing gimmick for a feature in ESPN Magazine, where each team’s preview featured a Marcel Comics themed cover. As equal parts basketball dork and comics geek, I thought this was awesome. Don’t believe me? Check out the awesome Carlos Boozer-as-Red Hulk cover.

So anyway, with the NBA lockout continuing on and me missing basketball more and more each day, I’ve decided to start my own sports/super hero mash-up called Project Defense. I’m going to come up with 30 super heroes themed after the 30 franchises in the NBA.

Am I crazy?


Stay tuned. Starting tomorrow, expect to see one new NBA hero every day during lunch time. Villains be ware!



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