Project Defense Day 2: Raptor

RaptorOur next hero is the courageous creature from the cretaceous age who protects the greater Toronto area from criminals, Raptor!

ORIGIN:  An alien expedition to Earth during the dinosaur age lead to a series of experiments that caused a small velociraptor, leaving the creature highly advanced. An exploration to the north left the creature frozen and in suspended animation for nearly 200 million years. The creature was found in an iceberg and taken to the University of Toronto’s zoology department in a block of ice. Much to everyone’s shock, the dinosaur was still alive. Naming himself Raptor after what the scientists called his species, he was able to communicate verbally to them and is trying to adapt to being a humanoid dinosaur in 2011. He lives and works at the University of Toronto, helping explain what the dinosaur age was really like. Raptor considers himself a scientist of sorts as well, often venturing out into the city.

POWERS:  Raptor has strength, speed and agility that exceed anything possible of a human. He has heightened tracking, vision, scent and hearing abilities. As a show of goodwill to his human coworkers, he has become a vegetarian.

OTHER:  Seriously, what other hero would it be than some sort of dinosaur? The red anthropomorphic dinosaur wasn’t intentionally inspired by Jack Kirby’s Devil Dinosaur, but the trunks were. I love how so many of Kirby’s monsters wore shorts–whether they wanted to or not, and I would assume that Raptor would be modest in that regard.

Talk it up!

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