Booster Gold #44-47: Turbulence

I’ll admit that I really didn’t follow DC’s Flashpoint event this summer. But I did follow how it effected Booster Gold, who at the time was my favorite of DC’s ongoing series. In the “Turbulence” arc, artist/writer Dan Jurgens concludes the series by having Booster try to survive living in the Flashpoint reality, where its only the Flash, Skeets (his robot sidekick) and himself who know that the timestream is messed up.

Booster is being hunted by the United States military, as they assume he’s just another super-powered being who is part of the Atlantean/Amazon war. They’ve dispatched General Nathaniel Adam after him. In DC proper, Adam is super hero Captain Atom. But in the Flashpoint reality, he’s a soldier who happens to be “piloting” a brainwashed Doomsday–the monster who killed Superman!

So Booster, and a new found ally in Alexandra Gianopoulos, are literally fighting for their lives, and trying to stop Doomsday (who goes from Adam’s control from time to time) from killing and destroying the country. Obviously, because Booster is awesome, they save the day.

Jurgens finishes up the story in a Newhart-esque fashion, with a battered Booster returning to his reality having no idea what had just happened, thinking it was a dream and setting up the new Justice League International series. A fitting end to an awesome comics series!

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