Hawk and Dove #2

One of the joys of having a rage filled partner is that you never get a chance to fight super villains by yourself. Just ask Dove.

The second issue of Hawk and Dove continues the fun from the last issue. Writer Sterling Gates and artists Rob Liefeld are still at the helm. So what are our avian and emotion avatars up to this time?

They’re still fighting Alexander Quirk’s army of zombie monsters, but they have to take a break to celebrate Judge Hall receiving an award at the White House. President Obama vaguely looks like Obama, in case you were wondering. The book ends with the beige Hawk looking character from last issue crashes the party, and the book ends with Hawk and Dove having to save Hawk’s dad and the president.

The art is very good, so Liefeld deserves some credit. But most of the credit on this book should deservedly be given to Gates. His character building dialogue works well with Liefeld’s over-the-top action.

Plot wise, Gates accomplishes a lot this issue. The beige Hawk looking dude is actually called Condor, and he has a female sidekick named Swan. Apparently they have powers similar to Hawk and Dove. This issue started with the two of them beating up a greyish looking Hawk type (Ostrich?), so I wonder if we’re going to wind up with a bird version of the various Lantern Corps.

The dynamics of Hawk with the supporting characters gets explored as well. Deadman, Dove’s boyfriend, really makes it clear how much of an ass he thinks Hawk is, which puts her in a difficult spot. For some reason, Hawk’s dad invites his ex-girlfriend Ren (who hasn’t been seen or heard from in almost a decade) to the awards ceremony and makes things very awkward for everyone. For whatever reason, Hawk really hates her, and she displaces that hate on Dawn. Very bizarre.

Hawk and Dove has been fun, and I can’t wait to see where they go next, especially with all the Condor and Swan business. This will connect to Quirk at some point, and I cannot wait.

4 thoughts on “Hawk and Dove #2

  1. This looks like a Marvel comic.I love the artwork!I have yet to pick up anything contemporary as far as comics go but i was given the free DC re-boot preview book and Hawk and Dove was one of the titles that stood out to me.Thanks again for the killer pic mod!

  2. Totally agree. That’s why I was so sad when I knew it had been closed. And we’re not the only bloggers regretting its cancellation (http://murthareviews.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/a-very-sad-day-a-review-of-hawk-and-dove-8/; http://liliy.net/blog/2012/03/hawk-dove-7/), which means: 1) sales data do not always reflect readers’ tastes; 2) blogs do not always reflect the tastes of the general public. It seems you chose to read very few New 52 series, and you stopped to read (or at least to review) them after a few issues. You should restart, and widen your reads: there are plenty of quality series in the New 52 line. I suggest you to give a try to Grifter, Nightwing and Animal Man (mentioned in order of quality).

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