X-23 #17

Ok, I’ll admit I picked up X-23 because of the awesome cover on the left. Yes, it’s an homage to Adventures in Babysitting. Not having read X-23 before, how was it?

Well, it was pretty easy to catch up on the series. Laura (X-23) is fighting with her would-be boyfriend Hellion, and an awkward conversation is broken up by Gambit (who seems to be a little over protective of the younger Wolverine girl). Her awful day only gets more complicated, as she winds up babysitting for Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman’s children Franklin and Valerie, and the super smart kids wind up accidentally sucking some sort of prehistoric dragon into modern Manhattan. If this isn’t an adventure in babysitting, then I don’t know what is.

This arc is by writer Marjorie Liu and artist Sana Takeda, and unfortunately its the final of the series. It’s a shame I didn’t pay attention to this book earlier, I really liked the writing. But if it wasn’t for this awesome homage cover, I would have never picked this up.

So remember one thing: sometimes you should judge a book by its cover.

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