Batgirl #4

Finally…the last chapter of the first arc of Batgirl which has me so enamored. Barbara has figured out how to defeat the Mirror, the former DEA agent turned psycho murderer. Gail Simone does a great job in Barb’s narration of getting across the point that the only way she can defeat the Mirror is by outsmarting him.

And how does she do this? Two simple steps:

  1. She leaves a note at Mirror’s deceased family’s cemetery plot telling him how he has disgraced their memory and to meet her at an abandoned building.
  2. Once the Mirror is there, she distracts him with projected images and is able to strike the first blow.

Obviously she dispatches the Mirror; she is a super hero after all. But what I love most about this series is how Simone has made Batgirl into an underdog, as she doubts herself. Like in this issue, Batgirl prevents two robbers from mugging (and possibly worse) a couple of older adults. Simone builds the suspense in a way that when Batgirl saves the day, you feel proud of her for overcoming her fears and being a hero.

Since the issue came out in December, they even tie in a little bit of a Christmas plotline. Barb is enjoying a nice Christmas morning Alysia (who has become a great supporting character) when Barbara’s long missing mother makes her return. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a comic before!

The art on this issue is by Ardian Syaf, and its great. It’s still very mainstream super hero style, but he draws the women in a way that’s not offensive to a female reader’s intelligence. Now I’m hooked and can’t wait for issue #5.

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