2011: A Look Back At Last Year

It’s a party and poor Hawkeye still has to explain jokes to the Vision!

Happy New Year! Let’s celebrate the year that was, good old 2011. I figured writing a year end review about things that I liked or didn’t like would be a bit of a waste. So instead, thanks to some analytics (and my love of intrinsic statistical data) I’ve put together some lists of things that you liked! Without further ado, lets look back at 2011!

The Top 10 Search Terms of 2011

  1. ultimate spiderman dead–I guess the death of the alternate universe version of your friendly neighborhood web slinger was a pretty big deal. Ultimate Spidey’s death and successor was a pretty big news story, especially with the half African American, half Hispanic Miles Morales taking the mantle.
  2. red arrow and cheshire–This just shows that people were just as creeped out by JT Krul’s handling of Roy Harper as much as I was. Between the dead cat incident and his brawl turned sexy time with Cheshire, it was pretty rough on him.
  3. justice league jim lee–The combination of DC’s big relaunch and one of the most popular artists going back to a monthly book always gets attention.
  4. spider man dead–See #1.
  5. chris hemsworth thor–Out of all the summer comic book movies, Thor definitely came out as the best. Not to mention Hemsworth making all the ladies swoon.
  6. ultimate spider man dead–Poor Ultimate Peter…I guess no one liked him.
  7. wonder woman odyssey–I’m guessing that this book was pretty low on everyone’s radar, and people wanted to read reviews of it before investing time/money into the book.
  8. new justice league–DC’s relaunch was the biggest mainstream comics story of the year, and I’m sure this had something to do with it. Not my blog, but people looking into it.
  9. cheshire and red arrow–Again, Roy Harper’s awful life was fodder for the Internets.
  10. emerald twilight–Were they looking up Hal Jordan’s descent into madness (that was unfortunately retconned into something not so fun) or did they just want to find Twilight show times? The world will never know.

The Top 10 Stories of 2011

This isn’t the first time DC Comics has tried a television commercial, you know…

This became my most read article this year thanks to it getting picked up by the nice people over at Comics Alliance. I guess it shows that every idea isn’t a new one…

Ultimate Spider-Man: DEAD

Again, this was a big story in the mainstream world, so that explains its popularity.

New York Comic Con 2011 Sketch Book: Flash Thompson as Venom by Dan Slott

Dan Slott was gracious enough to tweet this to his fan following.

So let’s talk about the new Justice League

The DC relaunch was the biggest thing to happen in comics this year.

Bob Newhart’s Brief Odyssey Into Comics

Who knew that Bob and Ty Templeton’s Mad Dog run would have been so popular almost two decades later?

30 Things I Like About Comics—#10 Louise and Walt Simonson

Here’s to comics best power couple!

DIY Deadpool (and 101 Dalmatians) Birthday Party

I guess a lot of people really wanted to have a Deadpool/101 Dalmatians birthday party just like my brother did. Well he didn’t, but I wanted to throw one for him!

I Survived New York Comic Con 2011

Comic Con stories are always fun.

1940s Captain America Action Figure Review

I would like to think that a lot of people enjoyed my crafty photoshopping with the WWII style Cap.

Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight

Again, are they interested in Green Lantern or Twilight? The world will never know.

Well that sums up the year that was. See you in 2012!

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