Avengers 1959 #3-4

Avengers 1959 is such a good read when you have multiple issues to go over. Howard Chaykin’s Mad Men-esque look at the Avengers team of the late 1950s is just so much fun.

In these two issues a lot happens: a squadron of lady assassins, an attempt to rob Wakandan technology, explosions, gun fights, robots, communists, corrupt politicians. These are just a few of Chaykin’s favorite friends!

All of this is leading to a crescendo for the final issue: Nazi sympathizer Geoffrey Sydenham is conjuring up Dormammu in an effort to start a new reich!

Chaykin does a great job as always with his story and art. But what I really like is how everyone is dressed appropriately for the time. He did grow up during this time period, you know.

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