Ghost Rider: Trail Of Tears

As we all know from his work on the Preacher series, Garth Ennis can certainly write supernatural fiction set in the late 1800s. His Ghost Rider: Trail Of Tears is exactly that, telling the tale of the Ghost Rider of the post-Civil War era.

This story is about former Confederate lieutenant Travis Parham trying to put his past behind him. Things only get worse after he finds out that his friend, a former slave named Caleb, and his family were viciously murdered. As he seeks to avenge their deaths, a certain Spirit of Vengeance gets involved and I can assume you know how this is going to turn out.

Art on this book was done by digital painter Clayton Crain, who uses a dark moody pallet to bring the story to life. Its haunting and brutal, which totally suits this.

Anyway, as the new Ghost Rider movie approaches, I will be posting more Ghost Rider related things. Definitely read this in the mean time.

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