Green Arrow Show Coming To CW

Huffington Post had this picture of the Green Arrow costume for the upcoming television show on the CW network. Dropping the color from the title, the pilot for the series “Arrow” chronicles how Oliver Quinn changes rich guy to arrow shooting vigilante, and feuds with his best friend turned arch-enemy, the wizard archer Merlyn.

As a long time Green Arrow fan, I’m really curious to see how this works out. They want to take it in a darker direction. I wonder if that means it will be a super hero procedural show, kind of like NCIS or Cold Case, except with a super hero. Should be interesting.

2 thoughts on “Green Arrow Show Coming To CW

  1. We’re still waiting to see if this actually gets picked up though, right? Hopefully if things don’t go well, they’ll still release the pilot for public viewing, as with the Aquaman series.

    • CW hasn’t said if its picked up yet, but they’ve been the one sharing the image. I’m assuming its a done deal, because they’ve gone out of their way to promote it so far.

      That and the fact that it seems like they’re spending a lot of money on this.

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