WrestleMania Flashback: WrestleMania IX

I really wasn’t that into WrestleMania IX at the time. But looking back at the event, and what happened after, this is really an event of transition. This is pretty much the end of the “Hulkamania” era of the WWF, and new stars are coming in, like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Times are a changing.

THE GOOD: The look of this show is so unique. It was the first WrestleMania to be held outside. But what really sets it apart is the unique set pieces. It was held at Cesar’s in Las Vegas, and the theming reflected the casino’s Roman look.

THE BAD: At the time, I was really bummed out that not only did Bret Hart wind up losing the WWF Championship to Yokozuna. What even made it worse for me was that Hulk Hogan wound up winning the title from Yokozuna only minutes later.

MATCH TO WATCH: The Steiner Brothers have an awesome match with the Headshrinkers. Need I say any more?

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