Wardrobe Dysfunction: Alan Scott, Green Lantern of Earth-2

With all the Alan Scott news and commentary, this installment of Wardrobe Dysfunction looks at the original Green Lantern. The character was created by Martin Nodell and debuted in All-American Comics #16. Would you believe that in 82 years of comic book appearances, this Green Lantern really hasn’t any costume changes?

For the most part, he’s how he’s picture above from the cover of his first appearance. He wore a red collared shirt and green slacks. Depending on the fashion trends and the artist drawing him at the time, sometimes the outfit was more form-fitting. His boots are always red, with some sort of gold accents. As for his cape, it’s usually two toned; the interior light green and the outside a dark grey, sometimes purple-ish. That was mostly to avoid having a whole black patch due to the printing at the time.

As far as his age, Alan Scott would get aged and de-aged from time to time, going back and forth from being a late 30s something to being an old man.

During the mid 1990s, Alan Scott started using the codename Sentinel and got a more modern look. It was a green and red body suit. The logo in the center changed from time to time, as he used the Green Lantern Corps insignia (as he was an honorary member), his classic old lantern, and even a star design (it turned out his power ring drew power from a cosmic force known as the Starheart and not the Oan Power Battery). He kept this look until the Justice Society had a revamp shortly after, and went back to his classic costume.

And as a trivia note, the woman in the background of the picture is Harlequin, a villain who based her life on Alan’s then wife Molly. Ultimately it was her goal to kill Molly and take her place as Alan’s wife.

The next new look for Alan was designed by Jim Ross for the alternate future story Kingdom Come. It was emerald knight armor.

Which brings us to his new look, which combines elements of the emerald armor with the standard Green Lantern costume. The color scheme is a lot simpler, just black and green. Alan looks now closer to being a member of the Green Lantern Corps then ever before.


2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Dysfunction: Alan Scott, Green Lantern of Earth-2

  1. I never read anything concerning Earth 2, but the concept has always been very appealing to me. Despite this, I didn’t order any issue of Earth 2 so far, for 2 reasons:
    1) I’m a big fan of Grifter. If the 6 new series DC recently launched push Grifter nearer to the bottom of the sales chart, this series could be cancelled: if so, at least I won’t feel guilty for this.
    2) I’ve seen the previews, and it seems that Earth 2 will be like Image first comics: 100 % action, 0 % story.
    Anyway, I will keep an eye on Earth 2 in the next months, and if I see more interesting previews, then I could give it a try. I hope with all myself that Grifter won’t be closed because of the New 52 second wave, but I have to be realistic: it lost 59,8 % of its readers from the 1st to the 6th issue, and most of the series that sold less than Grifter have been replaced with giants like Batman Inc. and Earth 2, so I’m afraid there’s nothing left to do. Which is a terrible shame, since Grifter has so much quality and potential.

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