Andrew WK Is A Brony?

That’s right. Noted hard partier and all around awesome person Andrew WK will not only be participating in the My Little Pony fan convention Canterlot Gardens but will be hosting the panel discussion “In The Flesh: What Would Pinkie Pie Do?” on September 28. If that doesn’t make your head explode, I don’t know what will.

According to his website, AWK will

attempt to answer the question “What Would Pinkie Pie Do?” In this panel, W.K. who’s beloved for such anthemic songs as “Party Hard” and “We Want Fun”, considers himself to be the living embodiment of the positive, party pony, Pinkie Pie, and will talk about how to make your work as fun as your party and your party as important as your work.

Wow. That sounds amazing.

Andrew WK is a supporter of bronies everywhere, a subculture of adult male fans of My Little Pony. And if bronies are cool for Andrew WK, they’re cool with me.

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