Where I Learned To Love Spider-Man

I’ve been a life-long comic book and super hero fan. But where did it begin? Let’s take a trip in the way back machine to the early 1980s…let’s say 1983. A toddler version of myself  encountered his super hero not in the comic books, but on the television show The Electric Company.

Just listen to that theme song. How awesome is that. According to my mother, I would sing that for hours and hours. It only got worse when I was given my first ever Spider-Man toy: an action figure from the Secret Wars line in 1985.

But anyway, Spider-Man was regularly featured on PBS’s kid show The Electric Company. The series was a kid friendly variety show that originally was made from 1971 through 1975, but ran as reruns way into the 1980s.

One of the recurring skits  was the adventures of Spider-Man (with that amazing intro song). Spidey would solve mysteries and fight crime. It may look campy by today’s standards, but as a little dude in the eighties, that was mind-blowing.

So thanks to this, I have a life-long love of comic books. All thanks to public television!


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