Friday Fights #3: Mockingbird vs. Black Canary

Last week there husbands did battle; let’s see how the ladies do! This week is a battle of bird inspired warriors with Mockingbird taking on Black Canary.

FIGHTING STYLE: To put it bluntly, both of these women kick ass. Mockingbird is a trained agent of SHIELD and has mastered many different fighting styles. Black Canary is the best lady brawler in the DC Universe. Mockingbird has an advantage; she’s very adept at fighting with her battle staff/batons. Advantage: Mockingbird

POWERS: Aside from some enhanced strength/reflexes from the Super Hero Serum, Mockingbird relies on her combat skills. Even though Black Canary doesn’t have any enhanced physical skills, her “canary cry” sonic scream packs a punch.

THE WINNER: It comes down to Black Canary’s scream. If Mockingbird can find a way to keep her mouth shut, count it as a win for the Avenger. The other factor is very reluctant to use her power directly on people. Given this moral dilemma, it gives Mockingbird the slight advantage. WINNER: Mockingbird

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