Friday Fights #6: Blastaar vs. Mon*Star

This week we look at two alien super villains who both have shaggy, lion like appearances and have names that end in a harsh “rrrrrrrrrrrrrr” sound: the Fantastic Four’s Negative Zone dwelling enemy Blastaar is up against the Silverhawks’ super-rich mob boss villain Mon*Star. So who would win in a battle?

PHYSICAL: Simply put, Blastaar is a beast. He’s a lot like the Juggernaut in the sense that he’s super-strong and nearly indestructible. Environmental factors like lack of air, food, bad weather…none of these bother him. Oh, and don’t forget the fact that he can fire energy blasts from his hands. Mon*Star pretty much looks like he is no different from your typical Thunderan. That’s a Thundercat, if you are wondering. ADVANTAGE: Blastaar

WEAPONRY: What Mon*Star lacks in God-given physical abilities, he certainly makes up in being armed to the teeth. After giving his ‘oath of evil’ he gets an awesome full body armor, kind of like what Jaime Reyes gets from the Blue Beetle scarab. This protects him from not only the elements and outer space, but all kinds of attacks as well. It also gives him energy blasting capabilities, even a wicked optic blast. And that’s not all. Mon*Star also carries a battle staff called the Fire Iron, has a trained attack cyborg bat and flies around the galaxy on a giant space squid. ADVANTAGE: Mon*Star

So if these two villains are fairly equally matched, who wins? Mon*Star, as he has one thing that Blastaar doesn’t:  the respect of criminals everywhere. Unlike all of the other eighties cartoon villains, Mon*Star’s flunkies and associates actually respect him and would come to his aid. If you mess with Mon*Star, you mess with his whole syndicate. WINNER: Mon*Star.

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