CBLDF’s Liberty Comics

What happens when you get an all-star group of comics creators including Darwyn Cooke, Garth Ennis and Mark Millar together for a fundraiser book for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund?

You wind up with Liberty Comics special from 2008. It also sports a really cool Thor cover from Walt Simonson.

Anyway, the CBLDF is a non-profit group that provides resources for the comic books industry for issues that deal with freedom of speech and censorship. So that is the natural theme for this one shot.

There’s everything from Ennis and Darick Robertson’s cast from The Boys, to a short story set in Ed Brubaker’s Criminal anthology.

But what makes this is the “Tales of Comic Book Censorship!” features by the legendary Sergio Aragones, where he talks with comics scribe Mark Evanier about First Amendment issues that the industry faces.

It’s pretty much a fundraising tool, but there’s some well done shorts in it. I recommend it for anyone concerned about free speech issues or super fans of the creators involved.

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