Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #4

He better not be out of web fluid.

I usually don’t read the Ultimate books until they’re collected, so I went into Ultimate Comics Spider-Man knowing that Miles Morales is the new Ultimate Spider-Man. I wound up picking this up on a whim.

Peter Parker is dead, and some how poor Miles not only has spider-like powers but takes responsibility for his death. This is shown in a brief scene with him talking to Gwen Stacy and looking at Peter’s corpse.

After another encounter with Gwen outside of Peter’s funeral–not to mention urging from his best friend/prep school roommate–Miles has taken up the arachni-mantra of “with great power comes great responsibility.

Unfortunately, after some quick runs out as Spidey, he’s not only gotten the attention of the Daily Bugle but the book ends with Spider-Woman confronting him.

The book is a really smooth read. Sara Pichelli’s art is awesome; her line-work is thin and lightweight. Brian Bendis does a great job on the writing in this issue; you can pick it up and know everything that has gone on the past couple of issues. I really like how Miles is taking this responsibility seriously and that there is still a tie to Peter.

The dynamic between Miles and his roommate Ganke comes across as realistic; it’s a true portrayal of how awkward teens interact with each other. I’m not that old that I forget what that’s like.

Anyway, I really like the direction that Ultimate Comics Spider-Man seems to be going from this issue and it’s been added to my reading radar.

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