Friday Fights #9: Bane vs. Captain America

This week we have two of the bigger stars of the comic book movies of this past summer in a battle for supremacy; can Captain America fight Bane.

The answer is a resounding yes. Bane may be super strong due to his Venom, but Cap has fought stronger. If he can deal with a rampaging Hulk, than Bane is cake. Not to mention, that Captain America is a way better fighter on his feet.

WINNER: Captain America

And I would go as far to say that Captain America would have never been defeated by Bane during the Knightfall story line. Obviously, Batman could defeat Bane. The villain’s only chance to win was his master plan of distracting him to exploit his vulnerability: Batman’s pride.

Batman didn’t ask for help and almost lost his life–and the city as a result. But Captain America is everyone’s favorite super hero for a reason and would have decided to call in favors for the betterment of everyone.


2 thoughts on “Friday Fights #9: Bane vs. Captain America

  1. This needs to be expanded upon, you cannot compare bane to the hulk in any sense as in the case with Kinghtfall bane would most likely have used different tactics against Captain America and in that course change the story completely. It must be remembered that Bane is a master tactician not just a rampaging brute as many shows and games portray him as.

  2. Hey John! Thanks for posting! I totally agree with you that Bane is much smarter than most people give him credit for. However, with the Friday Fights feature, these fights are if the two were just dropped some where and in a all out slug fest without preparation. And under those circumstances, I would still pick Cap. However, if he had more time to prepare and plan Bane does have a greater chance…

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