Nightwing #0

Nightwing #0 was a damn good comic book. It gives a look back to how Dick Grayson wound up joining Batman’s crusade. What I like about this is how it doesn’t attempt to create a new and radically revamped origin; it just enhances the story we already know.

Dick was an orphaned circus performer after his parents were gunned down by the mob. But how exactly did Bruce Wayne wind up getting custody of him? Quite simple; he was to hide out at Wayne Manor until his parents’ murderer was apprehended. There was a bit of a bond with Bruce and Dick, for both having gone through such an ordeal.

But what writer Tom DeFalco added to the mythology was how Dick much smarter than Bruce ever imagined, not only figuring out that he was Batman but helping bring in the murderers. Dick proved to be someone competent enough to become Batman’s partner in crime-fighting.

I like it because this felt like an old silver age story. A lot of fun and a quick read, but superb for the Batman purist.

8 thoughts on “Nightwing #0

  1. My favorite story arcs:
    Amazing Spider Man # 226 – 227 (March – April 1982)
    Daredevil # 227 – 233 (February – August 1986)
    Venom: Sinner Takes All # 1 – 5 (August – December 1995)
    Batman: The Long Halloween # 1 – 13 (December 1996 – December 1997)
    X – Men: Children of the Atom # 1 – 6 (November 1999 – September 2000)
    Punisher Vol. 3 # 1 – 12 (April 2000 – March 2001)
    Daredevil: Yellow # 1 – 6 (August 2001 – January 2002)
    Fury Vol. 2 # 1 – 6 (November 2001 – April 2002)
    Kingpin: Thug # 1 – 7 (August 2003 – February 2004)
    Titans Vol 3: Fractured (August 2009 – April 2010)

    My favorite single issues:
    Redemption (Daredevil # 200) November 1983
    The Deadliest Night of My Life (Daredevil # 208) July 1984
    Badlands (Daredevil # 219) June 1985
    Fog (Daredevil # 220) July 1985
    Batman: Seduction of the Gun February 1993
    Bad Company (Steel # 3) April 1994
    The Meaning of Life (Shadow of the Bat # 72) March 1998
    A Night to Remember (Generation X # 57) November 1999
    Murdock’s Law (Daredevil Vol. 2 # 9) December 2009
    Ladies’ Night (The Brave and the Bold Vol. 3 # 33) June 2010

    What do you think about it?

  2. P.S.: Of course I didn’t consider expected titles like The Dark Knight Returns or Batman Year One, because they are more graphic novels than story arcs.

    • No they are not! The Dark Knight Returns was a 4 issue limited series that was later collected in trade form. They were released monthly although I can tell you one of the instalments was delayed. Year One also was told in single issues of the ongoing Batman title in 1987 issues 404-407. That way of thinking half of those books you have listed in your stories should be void because they were written to be collected in trade form later.

  3. Nightwing 0 has bad written all over it. Tom Defalco did his best given what DC editorial forced on him but it’s really really flawed.

    Dick’s mom loves Robins so that’s what inspired him to become Robin. Really? Who’s favorite bird is a Robin? it’s just as bad as Schumacher’s “He said I flew in like a Robin” excuse.

    Dick figures out Bruce and Batman are the same after meeting ONE TIME? I’m sorry but the death of your parents will result in despair and trauma, anything that happened before that tragic event will be out the window, plus you dont know everything about a person after one brief meeting. It’s lazy writing.

    The Robin costume was based of off that of a red breasted Robin and the Robin Hood legends. Well that aspect of Dick’s origin is now gone!

    Also gone is the father son relationship of Bruce and Dick no doubt squandered because of WB and DC wishing to expell all notions that Batman and Robin are gay once and for all. What we have here is Dick simply an employee of sorts for Mr. Wayne. No doubt DC writing the new movie origins for Robin. It’s another of those tasteless decisions that ruin the dynamic relationship that grew the characters. Bruce mellowed somewhat because of young Grayson’s pressence.

    All in all it’s a good tale but now with all these omissions of Grayson’s storied history and relationship with Batman the longterm readers may find this hard to swallow.

    • I didn’t mind the changes to the origin. It’s pretty close to the original but different enough to make it work. The whole story of Bruce kind of claiming Dick never really made much sense, but hiding the kid at Bruce Wayne works a little better.

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