Friday Fights #10: Red Tornado vs. the Vision


This week it’s time for a battle of two super powered, super awkward emotional androids; I’m talking about the Red Tornado and the Vision. What happens when these two crimson skinned cybernetic beings do battle?

From a power and ability perspective, these two are evenly matched. Red Tornado is super strong and able to create vortexes worse than anything a naturally occurring tornado could produce. That is negated by the Vision’s ability to adjust his body mass index on the fly; either making himself immovably dense or light enough to not sustain any damage.

Both are also pretty unstoppable; Red Tornado can rebuild himself with nanotech on the fly and Vision continually gets re-powered from his Solar Jewel, drawing energy from the sun. They both even have the brainwaves/memories of someone else at the core of their personality.

So who would win this fight?

I think I’m going to go with Red Tornado on this one. His elemental powers give him the slight edge over Vision.

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