Amazing Spider-Man #700: A Few Notes

amazing-spider-man-700Now that the dust has settled, let’s talk about Amazing Spider-Man #700. Peter Parker is dead; Doctor Octopus is now happily living with the responsibility of being  both Peter and Spider-Man.

To say the issue has been controversial is an understatement. While I’m not certainly to keen on the story itself, the execution of it worked and it sets up some interesting stories in the mean time. But its certainly not deserving of all the criticism; let alone all the threats writer Dan Slott has gotten over it.

What this reminds me of is an event that happened twenty years ago:  the death of Superman. The hero was ousted by someone (in his case four people) not as good as the original, only for the world to await his convoluted return. Even Spider-Man himself went to something like this; a clone of Peter Parker was convinced that he truly was the real Spider-Man and took over the role, only to be eventually replaced by the true web head.

The stories of the Doc Ock-as-Spider-Man have the potential to be really entertaining. With the title switching it’s adjective from “amazing” to “superior” it reminds us that Doc Ock still has a grudge with Peter, wanting to be better at his life than he was. The other interesting plot line will be Doc Ock trying to keep his cover as Peter Parker. Yes, he has all of his memories but he can’t do anything drastically different.

Ultimately we all know how this is going to end. Doc Ock is going to be in over his head and the real Peter is going to return to fix and restore the status quo. So until then, everyone relax and enjoy the ride.

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