Great Conversations About Comic Books With Non Readers

Today I had this conversation with my good friend Zaheed who I would say at best is a low-level casual comics reader (meaning he’s a lapsed reader but is fairly aware of who the major characters are).

Me: Red Hulk is awesome. I would share his backstory but it would make you explode.


Z: I just read it, but I’m frustrated with how complicated it is. Is he Zzzax or Redeemer?


Me:  No; he’s General Ross.


Z: Why can’t comics just stick to their roots? Jughead always likes hamburgers! THAT’S NOT COMPLICATED AT ALL!

And that is a logical explanation why some people don’t read comics. You can follow Zaheed on Twitter for more of his wacky observations on life, living in Saskatoon and his poor Toronto Maple Leafs. Go follow him now; horrorcore rapper Necro and Chikara mastermind Mike Quackenbush already do!

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