Thunderbolts #3

thunderbolts-3.jpgJust finished reading Thunderbolts #3, and Red Hulk seems to be turning into Hannibal from A-Team. You know what that means…there’s a plan coming together.

Red Hulk explains why he has been carrying around a comatose Leader to Deadpool. The big skulled villain is an important part of the plan. And hearing this, Deadpool brings up a valid point: as soon as the Punisher becomes aware of the Leader’s presence, the villain is as good as did. Because that is what he does.

While this is going on, Punisher is training some of the rebels to operate weaponry. Now his motivation for helping Red Hulk is starting to make sense. In his mind, helping arm and train the locals to overthrow the Kata Jayan military is the only right thing to do, since they are villainous murderers. Along with an undercover Venom, he leads a team of rebels to victory in ceasing all kinds of weaponry. It’s hard to be the Punisher and not having a large arsenal at your disposal.

There’s also a reveal about the Kata Jayan military; in the last issue when Elektra and Deadpool were captured, they only kept Elektra as they assumed Deadpool was dead. The government is being aided by Madman, the Leader’s gamma powered brother. So that  makes sense to why they were carting around the smarter of the Sterns brothers..

The issue has one heck of an ending splash page. Remember Deadpool’s comment about Punisher and Leader? He called it and the book ends with him gloating about a bullethole in the Leader’s head.

Thunderbolts has really picked up a lot of steam and has really become a good read. There’s definitely a lot that still has to be answered, like Deadpool and Elektra’s involvement. It also looks like they are suggesting that it was’t a gamma bomb that was used on the Kata Jayan citizens, and I’m assuming it was Madman.

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