Darkhawk 25


darkhawk-25I’ve been aware of Darkhawk as a character since his heyday, thanks to his appearance in the various Marvel trading card sets of the 1990s. But this is the first issue of his series I’ve ever read, about twenty years too late. So how was it?

In the words of former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp, “Not so good Al.” It turns out that Darkhawk is a pretty lame character and this issue explains his armor’s origin. It turns out that he possesses the last of the Hawk crystals, and has to defeat the only one left in the universe called Evilhawk. The story just kind of plods around for a while until Darkhawk saves the day.

But hey, this is from 1992 when all you needed was a gimmick cover and it would sell like hotcakes. And this one did just that, with a red foil cover. What I did like about this comic was the fact that it came with extras, just like a DVD. The last few pages featured a cover gallery for the series, and it had a pretty cool centerfold poster. I hope the rest of the series was as well planned and thought out as the gimmicks in this were.

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