Fifty Greatest X-Men Characters #48: Fantomex


Fantomex is a X-Man that has really grown on me the last few years in Uncanny X-Force. What I like about him is the fact that he really doesn’t belong, yet somehow sticks around the X-Men. He was my favorite part of the Grant Morrison era due to the fact that him being so unique.

The character is a hybrid human/mutant/sentinel that was created by Weapon Plus program to hunt down mutants, but eventually becomes sentient and has allies himself with the X-Men. And thanks to his programming, he thinks that he’s French.

He is a mercenary by trade, and that is how he got caught up in with Wolverine and Archangel’s secret X-Force team. He reminds me a lot of Deadpool, but without the annoying parts and a more practical conscience. He gets under everyone’s skin and is constantly manipulating people. And that’s what makes an interesting character.

3 thoughts on “Fifty Greatest X-Men Characters #48: Fantomex

  1. I do like Fantomex. I think he’s kinda fun. But he is also a bit of a cliche, and kinda silly. His romance with Psylocke was really badly-written by Remender, though Humphries has done some interesting stuff with it. Overall, yeah, I’d say he belongs pretty far down the list.

      • Yeah. That was really fun. It was great stuff, and felt far more genuine than the Fantomex/Psylocke stuff in Remender’s run. Rick Remender can’t write a romantic subplot to save his life.

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