Getting To Know The Bronze Tiger





In the second season of Arrow, everyone’s favorite emerald archer gets a new adversary in Bronze Tiger. Played by Michael Jai White, the villain will be part of the Chinese Triad gang that has been wreaking havoc since the first season. So what’s so special about the character?

Bronze Tiger is a mercenary/anti-hero who has been appearing in various DC comics since the seventies. He is a master of several martial arts disciplines and has bested Batman a few times. The character also has a sometimes membership of the Suicide Squad, a government sponsored black ops team that super villains participate in. Basically if they do the government’s dirty work, they can get out of jail quicker.

That said, I think the character is a perfect fit for the Arrow series and it would make sense that he would wind up getting involved with the Chinese Triad to take out the Green Arrow. I also like his modernized, more real world costume. It’s much more appropriate than his comic book look, especially the version that had a big tiger mask that he would wear.

I’m kind of excited about this and I think they chose the right actor for the job. You will remember that White played the title role in Spawn!

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