Spider-Man 2099 #1

spider-man-2099-1Last summer, Peter David’s Spider-Man 2099 #1 spins out of his more recent appearances and puts Miguel O’Hara into the current Marvel Universe. So did it succeed in getting my attention?

Well, yes. But then again, I’ve always been into the character. I loved the original series. I’m a big fan of the costume design (heck, I’d cosplay that if I could). So I might have gone into this biased.

Anyway, Miguel is now stranded in the past. He winds up getting a job at Alchemax (the evil corporation that he worked for/fought in 2099). While he’s on the clock, a time travelling agent of T.O.T.E.M. shows up to kill him, as his time travelling may possibly alter the future in a negative way. Not only that, but this time traveler is also after Liz Allan (longtime friend of Peter Parker and ex-wife of Harry Osborn). So it’s up to Miguel to change into his Spider-Man costume and save the day. The issue ends with Miguel and Liz safe, and her deducing that whoever was in the costume had to be an employee of Alchemax.

And on top of all that, there is a lot of humor in this book, which you would expect ina Peter David series. He uses Lyla, the artificial intelligence watch Miguel has, for comic relief. It’s even pointed out that Lyla gave him the winning lottery ticket numbers to pay for their 2014 apartment. So yeah, this was interesting enough to warrant track down the following issues.

Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #1

ANGELA-ASGARDS-ASSASSIN-11I’ve really liked how Angela has been integrated into the Marvel Universe, and I think that this series is in more than capable hands with Kieron Gillen and Phil Jimenez’s hands.

There is a lot of exposition in this issues, as told in a sub-story by Sera, an angel from the realm of Heven that has been her friend for some time. By the end of the issue, Angela and Sera appear to be in Oklahoma somewhere in the vicinity of New Asgard. The two are confronted by a super angry Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three, setting up the next issue.

Between Angela and the previous runs on Journey Into Mystery that have focused on Kid Loki and Sif, the non-Thor characters of Asgard have been getting quite a lot of exposure the last few years. After being supporting characters for the Thunder God, it’s great getting to see them being moved to the forefront.

But what really sticks out in this issue is Jimenez’ artwork. His take on Angela looks great; she’s still sexy as anything, but doesn’t look like a bikini model running around with a sword like some other artists would do.

This is a great series that I think will be really fun to read as a trade. This is on my hit list.