Friday Fights #15: B.A. Baracus vs. Sgt. Slaughter



It’s time for two of the toughest men from the 1980s–in comics, cartoons, toys and even professional wrestling–to tussle. We’re talking about the A Team’s B.A. Baracus taking on Sgt. Slaughter!

(For clarity sake, we’re just talking about the characters from the A Team and GI Joe)

SIZE MATTERS:  Baracus would literally be looking up at Slaughter; exactly eight inches. His height of 5′ 10″ is dwarfed by the drill sergeant’s 6′ 6″. Slaughter is also the beefier of the two men, weighing in at 286 pounds, about sixty more than Baracus. ADVANTAGE: Slaughter

DECORATED SOLDIERS: Slaughter’s military service is well-known. He would have to be extremely well-trained to have been given the task of being the head instructor/trainer of the United States’ best special operations group. Baracus has a similar military pedigree, having been a well decorated sergeant himself in the United States’ Special Forces before becoming a fugitive. ADVANTAGE: Tie.

WEAPONS: Obviously, the two of them are adept at physical hand-to-hand combat. But what separates them is that in the A Team, Baracus has pretty much used every type of military weapon–handguns, artillery, tanks, mortars, explosives, you name it. Granted, it’s all dependent on what’s available to be used, but pretty much anything is a weapon in Baracus’ hands. ADVANTAGE: Baracus

SO WHO WINS?: You can not take Slaughter’s size and strength advantage into consideration. But you do have to realize how cagey a fighter his opponent is. Baracus would use whatever he could use to smack Slaughter around, whether it’s a vacuum cleaner, a fire extinguisher or even his beloved van. That said, I pity the fool who doesn’t take B.A. seriously. WINNER: B.A. Baracus by a slight advantage