Silver Surfer #12


Silver Surfer takes a brief stopover to England, fights the Abomination and meets a dysfunctional coven. All in a day’s work for the sky-rider of the spaceways.

The story starts out with Surfer still reeling from the events of the past issue. He wants to make sure that Shalla Bal was able to return to their home planet and is alive. He attempts to break past Galactus’ barrier yet again and fails, ricocheting back to earth and crashing in England.

Conveniently as this happens, a warlock named Nigel Carruthers is trying to impress his coven with his power and general witchiness.

Upon finding the incapacitated Surfer, he uses his black magic to conjure up a monster. In this case, it was longtime Hulk villain the Abomination. Nigel’s plan is to show the world–and all of his warlock/witch friends who kind of treat him like an idiot–how powerful he is by  commanding this monster to destroy the Surfer. Little does Nigel know that Abomination answers to no one.

The rest of the issue is the Surfer and Abomination fighting across the English countryside. Eventually the Surfer stops the monster and forcibly commands the witches to send Abomination back where he came.

The issue wasn’t great but it certainly was better than the Flying Dutchman or Overlord issues. And it had a really fun subplot with everyone thinking Nigel was an idiot. It’s a fun comic and perfectly fine.