Tiny Titans/Little Archie #3

So I guess you can see that I’m on a bit of an Art Baltazar and Franco kick. Tiny Titans/Little Archie #3. It’s more silly fun, putting together the pint-sized heroes of the DC Universe in Riverdale.

It’s extremely silly from beginning to end. The sillier parts included Jughead and Cyborg challenging each other to an eating contest, Veronica falling for Robin, and Batman assuming that Archie was the Joker’s son, due to his garish hair and outfit.

You can read a preview of the first act here.

Kevin Keller Meets George Takei

The Former Captain Sulu and my all around favorite original Star Trekker George Takei is no stranger to being seen in comic books. But Kevin Keller #6 takes it one step furthur: George is crossing over as himself into the Archie Comics world!

This came as a result of Kevin’s creator Dan Parent talking up the idea to Takei at a comic convention.  With President Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, KISS and now Takei all coming to hang out in Riverdale, suddenly Archie seems a lot cooler than I remember.

Happy 98th Birthday Joe Simon!

Did you know that yesterday was comic creator Joe Simon’s 98th birthday? This legendary writer/artist/editor is most known for the creation of Captain America with his longtime collaborator Jack Kirby, but that only scratches the surface of his career.

Here are some Joe Simon facts that you may (or may not) know about!

  1. Joe was the first head editor of Timely Comics, which evolved into what we now call Marvel Comics!
  2. Joe and Jack at one point were neighbors, living across the street from each other out on Long Island!
  3. Joe’s wife Harriet also had a career in the comics industry as well; she worked as a secretary for Al Harvey (founder of Harvey Comics)!
  4. Joe was an influential force in the development of both romance and horror comics!
You can learn more about his career and the Gold and Silver Ages of comics in the recently released Joe Simon: My Life in Comics. He will also be appearing at this weekend’s New York Comic Con.