Asbury Park Comic Con

Captain America Dog Cosplay @Asbury Park Comicon 3

Photo courtesy Flickr user DanCentury

Yes, that is a dog dressed up as Captain America. Last month was the Asbury Park Comic Con rolled into my neck of the woods and I was treated to a fun Saturday of comic book goodness at the Jersey Shore. And it was the first (and only) time I’ve ever seen a pet dressed up as their favorite comic book character.

It was a fun show and a perfect way to spend the Saturday before Easter. I still have a few picks of my haul that I was going to post but we’ll get to that later. This show moved across the street from their previous home, the punk rock bowling alley/bar Asbury Lanes to the Asbury Park Convention Center. For next year, the show is expanding to a whole weekend at the Berkeley Hotel, right on the beach. Perhaps I might now be motivated to finish one of my projects so i can get a table there…


Asbury Park Comic Con Was Awesome

The first weekend of May was awesome, and not just because of the Avengers movie and Free Comic Book Day. I was able to go to a decent small-sized comic book show in my neck of the woods: the Asbury Park Comic Con!

It was held at the Asbury Lanes, a cool vintage 1960s style bowling alley which has managed to survive an ever-changing neighborhood. A lot of those songs poor people and neighborhoods that Bruce Springsteen wrote were based on Asbury Park. Through all of this, Asbury Lanes has somehow managed to survive as a bowling alley turned punk/metal venue. With all of the whacky events that they hold, a comic show was only the next logical thing to happen.

Guests were treated to a variety of dealers, some self published types and even some well-respected comics types like Fred Van Lente, Jamal Igle and Evan Dorkin. So how did the afternoon go?

Asbury Park Comic Con May 2012 HaulI picked up all this fun stuff for about $20. None of it was series that I have been collecting or on the look out for, but cheap comics that I have an interest is always a good idea.

Roscoe enjoys Comic Book Comics Jack Kirby art

My must have purchase was a page of Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey’s Comic Book Comics, which chronicles the history of the comic book industry. There were so many pages to pick from, but I couldn’t pass on this page with Jack Kirby on it. Roscoe the Cat agrees that it was a good purchase!

The next Asbury Park Comic Con will be on September 29. Check out their website for guests and show information.