12 Gifts of Christmas: Sam Malone Jersey

Two things are widely believed:

  1. Cheers is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time.
  2. Wearing sports jerseys of obscure, legendary players is awesome.

How about you combine both of these into a Sam Malone jersey? In the show’s back story, before Sam was the bartender/owner of the place where every one knows your name, he was Red Sox pitcher Sam “Mayday” Malone.

His career was talked about both being brilliant and terrible on Cheers, but this jersey would make an awesome gift. Even Yankees fans would have to agree how awesome it is!

Project Defense Day 1: Celtic

The Celtic

The first hero in the Defense Project is none other than Boston’s very own emerald guardian, Fergal the Celtic Warrior!

ORIGIN:  Sometime long ago in the middle ages, Fergal was born the son of the local priest and the goddess wife of Taranis (a Celtic/Gaul version of Zeus). Knowing the child would be harmed by Taranis, the child was left at an orphanage. Never aging, Fergal’s true age is unknown but assumed to be in the 800s. Fergal has spent his life as a professional adventurer, traveling the globe. In the early 1950s, he lost a bet where he was forced to emigrate to the United States, never to return. He has settled in Boston, where he is a local celebrity and self appointed guardian of the city.

POWERS:  The son of a god, Fergal has superhuman strength, endurance, stamina and durability. Having served in armies worldwide through history, he’s a master strategist and hand to hand combatant. His weapon of choice is a shalalie that he forged in a volcano off the coast of Iceland.

OTHER:  Developing Fergal was hard, as visually he kept winding up like a ripoff of WWE’s resident Irish brawler. Story wise giving him an origin similar to Marvel’s Hercules only made sense.