Cap Wolf? No thank you!

Blogger pal Todd Lyden asked I remembered the debacle that was Cap Wolf.Of course I do. I’ll never be able to forget that abomination. I went to the longboxes to find this literary masterpiece.

I only had one of the issues in this six-part story arc, Captain America #405, which was part four in this epic. Maybe in context it would have made more sense, but as a stand alone, its surreal.

Cap is turned into a werewolf by the evil Nightshade and Desmund Druid, only to run off into the woods and tussling with Wolverine. Needless to say, I’m yet to want to find out what happened in the conclusion of this story.

This whole Capwolf concept reminds me a lot of the 1950s/1960s Superman and Batman comics, where the hero would face some weird physical dilemma. Cracked has a whole gallery of some of the absurdest transformations of Batman, like the time he turned into a tiger or turned into a two-dimensional flatty.

What I also find extremely creepy is Capwolf’s head. He looks like Captain America, with Lassie’s head stuck on. And the mask/cowl somehow manages to stay on? What’s up with that? It just makes me shake my head.

What were they thinking?