Batwoman #1-2: Guest Review

Today we feature guest blogger Christine Attardo from A Writer’s Way. She’s a good friend of mine who enjoys comic books and cartoons, so as part of her Christmas gift I gave her some Batwoman comics under the caveat that she would review them for me.

It has been awhile since I sat down to read some comics, but I am glad that I started with issues #1 and #2 of Batwoman. I like the supernatural villain La Lorona who is plaguing Gotham City. The plot is an exciting one as Batwoman tries to figure out who is behind the kidnapping of twelve children, whilst trying to avoid Agent Chase from unmasking her.

I think the most thrilling thing has to be the subplot of Batman trying to recruit Batwoman to join his Batman Inc. super hero militia. I don’t know if it’s my secret love for Batman that makes that exciting or what. I definitely have to give credit to J.H. Williams III for his brilliant art style. He really brings Batwoman to life with her vibrant red uniform set against the other colors in her scenes.

As with every good comic, it ended with a suspense. I will definitely be running out to get the next few issues! Ridiculously Awesome does give the best Christmas presents.

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