Check Out My Musings On Catwoman’s Fashion Sense

Okay, anotherĀ The Dark Knight RisesĀ post. Check this piece I put together for Stylelist about the evolution of Catwoman’s costume choices on television and movies. How awesome was Julie Newmar?


Her name is Kitty and she dances on the sand…

The great people at Mighty Fine have a new series of tee’s called “80s Fashion Art” which mixes the graphic design styles of that era with everyone’s favorite X-Women. Check out the following:

It features everyone’s favorite, Shadowcat, and her awesome pet dragon Lockheed. This shirt pays homage to Duran Duran’s Rio album cover. Here’s that record in all its glory:

Having been a child in the 1980s, this is definitely something that appeals to my sense of comics and music nostalgia. Next time I go to a new wave club where they crank Human League, I have something appropriate to wear. The whole line can be viewed here.