So I Gave Blade Anime On G4 A Try…

Vampires and anime may not be my cup of tea, but the new Blade Anime┬áseries on G4 does an excellent job of doing something different. The vampire hunting Blade really is one of Marvel’s most successful characters, and this new show shows why.

Blade as a character works because not only does he have a simple┬áback story/motivation (he is a half vampire out for vengeance due to vampires killing his mother), but he exists in the Marvel Universe independently. Blade’s corner of the universe is inhabited just by himself.

Getting back to the show, the animation is really well done for anime and its pretty action filled. If you’re looking for something with vampires and over the top martial arts in an animated format, this is the show for you.

Future episodes air Friday nights on G4 at 11 pm.