Ridiculously Awesome Halloween Music

I might not be that into horror movies or comics, but that doesn’t stop me from liking horror influenced music! Here are some tunes you can add to your party playlist tonight.

Misfits – “Scream” from the album Famous Monsters

The Misfits and Halloween go hand and hand. This video from their 1999 album Famous Monsters shows a hostile vampire takeover and was directed by none other than George A. Romero. He knows a thing or two about zombies; he directed Night of the Living Dead!

Marvel has this clip of the current Misfits lineup talking about their favorite Marvel characters and their new album Devil’s Reign.

Rob Zombie – “Dragula” from the album Hellbilly Deluxe

This was the first single from Zombie’s solo debut album. I hold Hellbilly Deluxe to a special fondness because it was a then-current soundtrack to my senior year of high school. Getting back to the song, it’s a loving homage to the Munsters’ hot rod. I love how the video is so simple yet effective, with the band playing behind projections of classic horror films. Trivia buffs will note that the dancing robot is from Bela Lugosi’s movie serials The Phantom Creeps.

Lordi – “Would You Love A Monster Man”

Finland’s very own monster rock band is super awesome, like the lovechild of Gwar, Alice Cooper and Kiss. “Would You Love A Monster Man” was a single for Lordi back in 2002 and a new version in 2006. The video has the band being reawakened in a morgue and trying to recruit a female coroner into their posse.

The Ramones – “Pet Sematary” from the album Brain Drain

1989’s Brain Drain was a turning point in the history of the Ramones, as it was the last to feature Dee Dee and was the return of Marky to the band. It also had the hit single “Pet Sematary” which was written by Dee Dee. The song was made for the same-titled movie, based on the Stephen King book. Why? Because the author was a super fan of the band.

Type O Negative – “Black No. 1”

Finally, if there was ever a band made for Halloween it would be Type O Negative. Their songs have countless referenced to fall (like the album title October Rust or the song “September Son”) as well as horror movies and

As a bonus, here is a clip of Type O playing “Halloween in Heaven” at Philadelphia’s Trocadero Theater. Here are some pictures I took of the concert.