Great Conversations About Comic Books With Non Readers


Today I had this conversation with my good friend Zaheed who I would say at best is a low-level casual comics reader (meaning he’s a lapsed reader but is fairly aware of who the major characters are).

Me: Red Hulk is awesome. I would share his backstory but it would make you explode.


Z: I just read it, but I’m frustrated with how complicated it is. Is he Zzzax or Redeemer?


Me:  No; he’s General Ross.


Z: Why can’t comics just stick to their roots? Jughead always likes hamburgers! THAT’S NOT COMPLICATED AT ALL!

And that is a logical explanation why some people don’t read comics. You can follow Zaheed on Twitter for more of his wacky observations on life, living in Saskatoon and his poor Toronto Maple Leafs. Go follow him now; horrorcore rapper Necro and Chikara mastermind Mike Quackenbush already do!

Stop Motion X-Men Cartoon Series Intro


I go away for a few days and this happens?

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I took a few pre-holiday days off to take some much needed rest.

As part of that, I’ve taken a much needed Internet break and was pleasantly surprised to see this video pop up as a recommended choice on the old Xbox YouTube app.

It’s an amazingly well-done stop motion version of the intro to the 1990s X-Men cartoon show that my brother and I would watch every Saturday morning growing up. We demanded complete silence at 11 am; this was serious business.

What’s even funnier about this is the little framing story they made about life at the Xavier Academy. Definitely check this out.

Although, there is one glaring problem…the VHS cassette tape they play wasn’t from that X-Men cartoon series. It was the direct-to-video release of Pryde of the X-Men!

Make your own comics!

The fine folks at Disney Create have added a fun little comic book maker based on the Avengers show that airs on Disney XD. There are some predefined page layouts, with backgrounds, characters, props and such. Once finished, it presents your page like a standard comic page, or animates it like the motion comics and comics trailers that have been all the rage on iTunes the last couple years.

Not only is this fun for kids, but I see this being used to make many a birthday card and comic crafts. Here’s my attempt at being funny.