Where You At?

It’s certainly been an interesting week. So as I said last time, I’ve been incognito due to some technological problems (that are still yet to be resolved) so where have I been?

Well on Tuesday, we had a visit from John Tenta an earthquake! I know it wasn’t that bad, but everyone was acting like it was the End of Days (not as bad as the Arnold Schwarzenegger version).

That wasn’t what I was worried about. A little earthquake wasn’t my concern. It was getting up early the next morning for osseous periodontal surgery which is just as fun and expensive as it sounds. I went in to this thinking tha I would be able to spend some time reading some of my new pick ups from the Baltimore Comic Con or even watching some television during my recovery period.

That didn’t happen. The next two days were a mouthy painful blur of sleeping and more sleeping.

And then Thursday night – early Sunday we had to deal with Shane Helms Sugar Shane Gregory Helms a Hurricane! Thankfully it wasn’t really that bad or damaging, but it made life very difficult and work very stressful. But it did give me some more time to rest and read up on some stuff so we can have stuff to talk about again.