Chikarasurus Rex: How To Hatch A Dinosaur

Hallowicked gets berated by Tim Donst. Photo by Flickr user Rick Foster.

A few weeks ago Chikara Pro Wrestling held their annual Chikarasaurus Rex event. This year’s installment, entitled “How To Hatch A Dinosaur.” I ordered the event live on internet pay per view on Go Fight Live, but only got to view it this past weekend. I got about an hour into it, and was side-tracked by a run through a cemetery while in need for band-aids. But that’s a story for another time.

The show was held at the Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia. I spent most of the mid-aughts going there to see a bunch of metal shows. Watching “How To Hatch A Dinosaur” made me miss those carefree days of yesteryear.

Anyway, about Chikara. This was a fun show to watch from top to bottom. The hair vs. mask match between Hallowicked and Tim Donst was superb, as was the ladder match with Akuma trying to take back his spot on the roster from Icarus.

The main event of F.I.S.T. versus the Young Bucks was amazing and blows away any preconceived notions about what a wrestling match is supposed to be, and at the same time shows why some of the best matches are not the ones you see on television.

If you’re a lapsed fan or just never followed Chikara too much, this is a great introduction. There about halfway through their 2012 season, and this show settles a bunch of feuds as well as starts new ones. You can view it online over at Smart Mark Video.