Friday Fights #25: Mr. Fantastic vs. Namor

namor-vs-reed-richards-mr-fantasticThis is a perfect post-Valentine’s Day Friday Fights! Even though Invisible Woman’s marriage to Mr. Fantastic is regarded as one of the best marriages/pairings in comics, the relationship is perpetually threatened by an obsessive Namor. So if these two men fought for her hand, who would come out the victor?

There are a few things to consider about this epic battle. Namor has a lot of advantages. He’s much stronger than Reed and can fly. Not to mention, the closer he gets to water the more powerful he becomes. Namor can also be a little bit of a psychopath at times, so you would only assume he could be a little more, um, violent with Reed for standing between him and the woman he obsesses.

Reed’s power of unbelievable elasticity kind of pales in comparison. But then again, that’s usually the case. He usually relies on a myriad of gadgets and inventions created just in case he finds himself in situations like this, not to mention that he usually has his three closest friends with him at all times. So without either, it really gives the advantage to Namor.

But there is one thing missing from this hypothetical battle: Sue. It’s pretty clear that she’s madly in love with Reed. In about forty years of comics, no writer has been able to figure out a way for Namor to split them up. So whether she interferes on her hubby’s behalf (or even pleas for Namor to stop), it is a given that Reed is leaving with Sue. And at the end of the day, that’s what is most important. WINNER:  Mr. Fantastic

X-23 #18

The Adventures In Baby Sitting storyline continues in this issue with X-23 having to save Val and Franklin Richards from the large dinosaur from last year. Turns out not only is it a large dinosaur, but it’s a fire-breathing dragon flying through Manhattan. This is turning out to be the worst babysitting job ever.

X-23 and the Franklin kids are able to stop the dragon, with a little help from Hellion (who seems to be a little upset with how the awkward conversation from last issue). Because this story arc isn’t done yet, things can’t be so simple. The four of them are transported to  a planet of junk.

So who’s behind this? Alien super collector the Collector, and he’s no longer as silly looking as he is pictured to the left. He wants the admantium claws and some DNA samples from X-23, who obviously doesn’t want to share them; it would kill her. Things get more complicated as she and Hellion have to figure out how to escape, as well as figure out how to save the Franklins.


There’s a great cut too Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman, who are wondering how their children are dealing with their new babysitter. Not that they think that X-23 is a problem, but more so that their super smart children are more than a handful.

I don’t want to be a complainer, but the pacing in this issue was really quick and it didn’t take that long at all to read. I like my comics a little more meatier, but I was still happy with this one.

Splash Page Saturday #9


I know this is late, so what? Last week was the fiftieth anniversary of the Fantastic Four’s debut! Hooray! Here’s a pinup by Jack Kirby featuring the Fantastic Four back in the Thing’s old neighborhood on Yancy Street.

And as usual, it’s a bad experience. You can see Dr. Doom up in the right corner, and he’s responsible for the welcoming graffiti. Happy anniversary!