Immortal Iron Fist #1-27

immortalironfistYou know what I like doing? I like hording runs of complete (or near complete) series and then binge read them, kind of like how someone will burn through a whole season of something on Netflix. With Marvel Unlimited, I was able to binge read the entire Immortal Iron Fist series.

I must admit that I don’t necessarily know everything about the character. But in this short series, which ran roughly two and a half years, I was able to jump right in at full speed.

There is a lot that happens in this series, ranging from Daniel Rand having to literally fight off corporate raiders that are part Hydra, to fighting with the other immortal weapons in a tournament of celestial proportions, to finally even going to hell. All the while, there are side bars chronicling the life and death of Orson Randall (the previous Iron Fist), Daniel’s father Wendell taking the Rand family on an expedition to find K’un-L’un, and single issue stories about the various other people to wield the Iron Fist. We even explore Daniel’s personal life, whether it be how he runs his business or his relationship with Misty Knight.

The resulting series works so well, whether it be written by the series’ original team of Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction, to the later issues by Duane Swierczynski. It is a real testament to his abilities as a writer, as he keeps the tone and pace set by Brubaker and Fraction. On the art side, the series went back and forth from David Aja and Travel Foreman seamlessly. The resulting series was just great.

Power Man and Iron Fist #79

Doctor Who and Dalek stand-ins? Kung fu? Disco inspired fashion and “Macho Man” albums? Welcome to the wonderful world of Power Man and Iron Fist. Issue #79 is a trip back to the seventies, even though it was published in 1982.

The “Heroes for Hire” are visiting their martial artist-turned-Broadway actor pal Robert Diamond, who is starring as Professor J.A. Gamble in a production of Day of the Dedlox, pretty much a Doctor Who knock off with Dalek like robots called Dedlox. The issue’s writer Mary Jo Duffy must have really been on a Doctor Who kick at the time.

Anyway, everything is going well until the Daleks Dedlox activate and start rampaging the city. Things get even weirder when Iron Fist and Power Man come across the real-life  Professor Gamble, an intergalactic traveller who travels around in an inter-dimensional book store (a lot like a certain doctor’s telephone booth inspired Tardis) fighting Dedlox. Apparently at some point the Professor wrote a play based on his life and left it on Earth. The Dedlox discovered Diamond’s production of it, and used it as a cover way to attempt to gain control of the planet.

Just as mysteriously as he appears, the real Professor Gamble
disappears after he helps Power Man and Iron Fist defeat the Dedlox. Gamble made some other appearances in Marvel comics later on, but I’m sure none were as weird as this.

Speaking of weird, there was a really odd scene  in this story. Iron Fist is over his girlfriend Misty Knight’s apartment getting ready to get, um, frisky, when they are kicked out by Luke Cage and his girlfriend Harmony (Misty’s roommate), who planned on using the apartment for that same reason. It just read straight out of a sitcom, even getting down to the fact that Fist and Cage are best friends, and dating two women who just happen to be roommates. The scene ends like something out of a sitcom from that period, with the heroes running out and Misty asking Harmony if she knows how to play gin rummy. Classic.

Comic Con ruminations

Walking Dead plush

Assorted Walking Dead merchandise at San Diego Comic Con 2011. Photo courtesy on

So apparently there was a San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Did I miss anything important?

Usually I wind up geeking out in front of the computer, constantly refreshing the web browser to find all the latest gossip. So here’s a recap of SDCC, with what I’m excited about.

  • Matt Fraction’s new Defenders book—This is going to be cool. I’m a fan of Fraction’s writing, and this team up of Namor, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Red She Hulk and Silver Surfer just seems like a can’t miss. Did I mention it’s going to be drawn by Terry Dodson?
  • EC Comics—Everyone’s favorite horror comics from the 1950s are going to be reprinted by Fantagraphics next year. I can’t wait to get to read some vintage Wally Wood.
  • More Marvel Television—Sometimes it’s just as much fun to watch comics on the television show. I’m really looking forward to Hulk and the Agents of SMASH, a cartoon show featuring Hulk, She Hulk, Red Hulk and Skaar going around, smashing things and helmed by Paul Dini. I also can’t wait for aka Jessica Jones, an adaptation of Alias.
  • Hawk and Dove Teasers—Yes, I love Rob Liefeld and I love DC’s characters Hawk and Dove. Some of the newly released art has already been adapted into wallpaper for my computer.
  • New Marvel Universe toys—Everyone may have been excited about the return of the Marvel Legends toy line from Hasbro, but I’m still enjoying the smaller Marvel Universe figures, especially the She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch and Punisher. However, the Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Armin Zola figure is amazing. And while we’re at it, some of the new He-Man and Thundercats stuff makes me very nostalgic.

So what was your favorite part of SDCC?